Under Water

(2013) 2:54 excerpt of TRT 5:05

Named after the euphemistic phrase for owing more on your house than it is worth, this video takes a literal approach to that terminology in its treatment of these images from foreclosed real estate listings. Each house is printed on an inkjet printer and sprayed with water until the ink starts to run down the page. The resultant water damage erodes the facades while also referencing the aftermath of natural disasters.

The video is part of a larger installation project which includes a storefront space emulating a real estate office. The familiar listings flyers in the windows, however, come with the unexpected addition of a dreamt, nonfictional memory of the lives of the people these houses once provided shelter for, revealing an intimate story of these dwellings as private homes.




The video “Under Water” received support from a 2013 Excellence in the Arts Award as part of a SummerFest event. SummerFest is a series of free music, comedy, animation, and performance art interventions by Staten Island artists, presented by Staten Island Arts. SummerFest Excellence in the Arts Awards are made possible through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.